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Delta Airlines Emotional Support Animal Policy

Documentation Required:

  • Medical/Mental Health Professional Form
  • Veterinary Health Form, or vaccination record with current rabies vaccination information
  • Confirmation of Animal Training Form
  • Acknowledgment Form
  • Click here for forms
  • All Delta flights 8 hours or more will no longer accept Emotional Support Animals

Advanced Notice & Document Submission:

  • Forms must be submitted to the Accessibility Service Request form in My Trips at least 48 hours before departure 
  • Must keep all original documentation throughout the entirety of your journey.

Animal Guidelines:

Airline staff will visually verify your animal at the airport. 

  • Number of animals
    • Each passenger is limited to one Emotional Support Animal.
  • Animal Type
    • Animals accepted as emotional support animals are cats or dogs. Hawaii has additional restrictions.
  • Breeds not accepted
    • Pit Bulls or Pit Bull Mixes
  • Size
    • The size of the animal must not exceed the personal foot space of the passenger’s seat and may not extend into the aisle.
  • Age
    • Animal must be 4 months or older.

Guidelines for Traveling with an Emotional Support Animal:

  • Emotional support animals travel for free.
  • Animals must be clean and obedient
  • Support Animals must be under supervision by the owner and on a leash at all times or in a carrier.
  • All animals must remain on the floor, under the seat or in the lap if no larger than a 2 year old child.
  • Passengers with an Emotional Support Animal can not be seated in an exit row

Animal Behavior:

Delta Airlines reserves the right to refuse transportation or boarding to any passenger if the safety of others is put at risk or if it violates FAA regulations.  In addition, if your emotional support animal displays any of the listed disruptive behaviors below, they may be subject to Delta’s Airline Pet policy and applicable fees will apply. 

  • Aggressive behaviors such as biting or growling
  • Relieving themselves in the gate area or cabin
  • Jumping on passengers
  • Occupying a seat or seat-back tray table
  • Eating off seat-back tray tables 

Destinations with Restrictions:

It is highly recommended that when you travel with an emotional support animal outside the United States, that you contact the appropriate consulate or embassy to verify that you have all required documentation to enter that country at least 4 weeks in advance.

Airline Contacts:

For questions, contact Delta’s Accessibility Assistance Line at 404.209.3434.