There are 2 straps on the vest: the front strap (that goes over your dog’s head) and the belly strap (that gets buckled under your dog’s belly).

You may put the vest on in three easy steps:

  • 1. Make sure the buckle on the belly strap is unfastened. Place the front strap over the top of your dog’s head, across its chest (if you are standing behind your dog, you should be able to read the patch on the vest correctly). 
  • 2. Using the slider buckle on the front strap, adjust its size for a proper fit (you want the vest aligned so the belly strap gets fastened at the largest part of your dog’s belly).
  • 3. Fasten the buckle underneath your dog’s belly, at its widest point. 

There should be a 1-2 finger gap on the fastened vest, for your dog’s comfort.