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Allegiant Air Service Animal Policy

Documentation Required:

  • Trained Service Animal Veterinary Health Form
  • Must provide credible verbal assurance that your animal is trained as a service animal. 
  • Allegiant Air will not accept only a harness/vest, ID card or registration as the sole evidence that your animal is a service animal. 

Advanced Notice & Document Submission:

  • Forms must be presented to an Allegiant representative at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure. 
  • Must keep all original documentation throughout the entirety of your journey and presented before all flights, inbound and outbound.

Animal Guidelines:

Airline staff will visually verify your animal at the airport. 

  • Number
    • Each passenger is limited to 3 Service Animals.
  • Type
    • Acceptable service animals are dogs, cats or miniature horses.
  • Breeds
    • Allegiant no longer accepts pit bull type breeds.
  • Size
    • The size of the animal must not exceed the personal foot space of the passenger’s seat and may not extend into the aisle.
  • Age
    • No animal age restrictions.

Guidelines for Traveling with a Service Animal:

  • Service Animals travel for free.
  • Service Animals must be under supervision by the owner and on a leash at all times or in a carrier.
  • All animals must remain on the floor, under the seat or in the lap if under 30 Ibs.
  • Recommended carrier requirements:
    • Soft-sided leak proof carrier
    • Carrier size must be 9”H X 16”W X 19”D or smaller
  • Passengers with a Service Animal can not be seated in an exit row.

Animal Behavior:

Allegiant reserves the right to deny transport of any Service Animal that demonstrates the following disruptive behaviors:

  • Excessive barking, not in response to handler’s need or distress
  • Aggressive behaviors 
  • Running around or jumping on passengers
  • Relieving themselves in the cabin or places other than designated pet relief areas
  • Occupying a seat or seat-back tray table
  • Eating off seat-back tray tables
  • Does not obey the owner’s commands 

Destinations with Restrictions:

It is the passenger’s responsibility to know and adhere to local and state regulations when traveling with a Service Animal, as them may differ from state to state. 

It is highly recommended that when you travel with a Service Animal outside the United States, that you contact the appropriate consulate or embassy to verify that you have all required documentation to enter that country at least 4 weeks in advance.

Airline Contacts:

For questions, contact Customer Care at 702.505.8888.