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JetBlue Service Animal Policy

Documentation Required:

  • Documentation is not required
  • Must provide credible verbal assurance that your animal is trained as a service animal. 
  • Jetblue will accept the following as evidence that your animal is a service animal:  identification cards, written documentation, harness, tags, and/or credible verbal assurances. 
  • Suggested to carry current vaccination records

Advanced Notice & Document Submission:

  • It is encouraged to add your Service Animal to your reservation when booking or notify JetBlue
    • 1.800.538.2583 
  • Behavior of the animal will be assessed at the airport before approving travel.

Animal Guidelines:

Airline staff will visually verify your animal at the airport. 

  • Number of animals
    • Each passenger is allowed multiple service animals if needed, but need must be assessed and approved by the airline.
  • Animal Type
    • Acceptable service animals are cats, dogs and miniature horses.  Other animals outside this criteria will be considered on a case by case basis. 
  • Breeds not accepted
    • No restrictions
  • Size
    • The size of the animal must not exceed the personal foot space of the passenger’s seat and may not extend into the aisle. However, if your animal is too large you may purchase an additional seat to guarantee your travel.
  • Age
    • No animal restrictions

Guidelines for Traveling with a Service Animal:

  • Service animals travel for free.
  • Animals must be clean, obedient, and in good health.
  • Service animals must be under supervision by the owner and on a leash at all times or in a carrier.
  • All animals must remain on the floor, under the seat or in the lap if animal does not touch any part of the seat or adjacent passenger.
  • Animal is never allowed to occupy a seat. 
  • Passengers with a Service Animal can not be seated in an exit row or obstruct an aisle.

Animal Behavior:

JetBlue reserves the right to deny boarding if your Service Animal engages in any of the following disruptive behaviors:

  • Aggressive behaviors such as biting or growling
  • Occupying a seat or seat-back tray table
  • Eating off seat-back tray tables 

Destinations with Restrictions:

It is highly recommended that when you travel with a service animal outside the United States, that you contact the appropriate consulate or embassy to verify that you have all required documentation to enter that country at least 4 weeks in advance.

Airline Contacts:

For questions, contact 800.538.2583