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Common Questions About Emotional Support Dogs

If you have a question about our identification kits, training requirements, eligibility, or other emotional support dog questions, please review our common questions and answers below.

Common Questions

How do I make my dog an emotional support dog?

You are required to have a letter from a doctor or mental health professional recommending that you have an emotional support dog for your condition. The letter should be current (less than 1 year old). You may be required to provide the letter to your landlord or to an airline representative during air travel. You may follow the link below to obtain an identification kit for your emotional support dog:

Register Your Emotional Support Dog and Obtain an Identification Kit


Do I need to have a doctor’s note?

Yes, you are required to have a letter from a medical doctor, mental health doctor, or social worker. You may view a sample letter by clicking here.


Can I take my emotional support dog to restaurants, grocery stores, and other places with me?

Emotional support dogs are protected under federal laws in housing situations with no-pet policies, and during air travel. You may be allowed to bring your emotional support dog to other places as well, but it would be at the discretion of the management of each respective place. Check your state and local laws to see if emotional support dogs are provided any additional rights in your area.


Does my dog need to be trained to be my emotional support dog?

Your dog is only required to have basic obedience training.



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