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Common Questions About Service Dogs

If you have a question about our identification kits, training requirements, eligibility, or other service dog questions, please review our common questions and answers below.

Common Questions

Can my dog be my service dog?

If your dog has been trained to perform tasks to assist you with your disability, it may be eligible for you to use as a service dog. The tasks must be directly related to your disability; providing comfort or having a calming presence is not a trained task, and would likely be considered unacceptable by the guidelines. The dog should also have undergone obedience training so that it is well-behaved and under your control in public places. You may follow the link below to obtain an identification kit for your service dog:

Register Your Service Dog and Obtain an Identification Kit


Do I need to have a letter from my doctor to have a service dog?

While you are not required to have a letter from your doctor, it is recommended that you have a disability that has been formally diagnosed by a physician.


Where do I find a trainer to train my dog to be a service dog? Can I train the dog myself?

Your dog may be trained by you, a professional trainer, or someone else of your choosing. We would recommend that you contact local veterinary services or animal shelters for trainer recommendations.


If my dog is a service dog, can he/she come with me to places when I go out?

Yes. Service dogs may accompany their handlers to most places that the general public are allowed, such as shopping centers, restaurants, and grocery stores. You may not be asked to remove your service dog unless it is behaving inappropriately.


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