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Emotional Support Dog Kit Complete + Signed ESA Letter



The Emotional Support Dog Complete Kit includes:
    • Certificate (with the handler's name, the emotional support dog's name, and the date of registration)
    • ID card (also shows the handler's name, emotional support dog's name, and an optional photo of the emotional support dog on the card
    • Additional copy of ID card (in case you lose the original)
    • Both the certificate and the ID cards include the registration number which can be used to look up the emotional support dog in the database
    • Emotional support dog tag (can be attached to your emotional support dog's collar or vest)
    • Emotional support dog vest (comes in a variety of sizes and has an embroidered patch)
    • Additional options are available, if you would like to add a tag, ID card, leash, collar, pouch, additional vest, or electronic copy of the certificate and ID card
    • Electronic copy of certificate and ID card (sent to your email as soon as they are available but in some cases can take up to 36 hours)
    Leash Add-On Details Leashes are 6 feet long and 0.75" wide, durable, and have a loop handle.
    Signed ESA letter by a therapist for housing.

Included Items


Signed ESA Doctor Letter

Optional Add-ons

Add Dog Photo