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Psychiatric Service Dog Kit Deluxe

Psychiatric Service Dog Kit Deluxe

  • Certificate (with the handler's name, the service dog's name, and the date of registration)
  • ID card (also shows the handler's name, service dog's name, and an optional photo of the service dog on the card)
  • Additional copy of ID card (in case you lose the original)
  • Both the certificate and the ID cards include the registration number which can be used to look up the service dog in the database
  • Psychiatric Service dog tag (can be attached to your service dog's collar or vest)
  • Additional service dog tag (in case you lose the original)
  • Psychiatric Service dog vest (comes in a variety of sizes and has an embroidered patch that says "SERVICE DOG")
  • Psychiatric Service dog leash (6 feet long and 0.75" wide, durable, and has a loop handle)
  • Psychiatric Service dog collar (comes in a variety of sizes)
  • Electronic copy of certificate and ID card (sent to your email as soon as they are available but in some cases can take up to 36 hours)
  • Additional options are available, if you would like to add a tag, pouch, additional vest, or ID card


With the handler's name, the dog's name, and the date of registration

ID card for Handler

2 (included)

Psychiatric Service Dog Leash

View Psychiatric Leash
1 (included)

Electronic Copy of Certificate and ID Card

1 (included)

Psychiatric Service Dog Collar

View Psychiatric Collar
1 (included)

Psychiatric Service Dog Vest

View Psychiatric Vest
1 (included)

Service Dog Tag

View Tag
1 (included)

Optional add-ons

Service Dog Cardholder and Lanyard


Psychiatric Service Dog Pouch

View Psychiatric Pouch

Additional Handler Certificate & ID Card

Service Dog New Air Travel Rules Instructions + Form


Foldable Bowl

View Foldable Bowl
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