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Emotional Support Dog Kit Basic + Signed ESA Letter

Emotional Support Dog Kit Basic + Signed ESA Letter

  • Certificate (with the handler's name, the emotional support dog's name, and the date of registration)
  • ID card (also shows the handler's name, emotional support dog's name, and an optional photo of the emotional support dog on the card)
  • Additional copy of ID card (in case you lose the original)
  • Both the certificate and the ID cards include the registration number which can be used to look up the emotional support dog in the database
  • Emotional support dog tag (can be attached to your emotional support dog's collar or vest)
  • Additional options are available, if you would like to add a tag, ID card, vest, leash, collar, pouch, or electronic copy of the certificate and ID card
Leash Add-On Details Leashes are 6 feet long and 0.75" wide, durable, and have a loop handle. Signed ESA letter by a therapist for housing or air travel.


With the handler's name, the dog's name, and the date of registration

Signed ESA Letter

View Signed ESA Letter

Federal law requires individuals with an Emotional Support Dog to provide a valid letter (dated within the past 12 months) from a doctor or mental health professional recommending the use of their animal. You will receive a link via Email after you have placed your order to answer few questions, which will be evaluated by a doctor in your state.

ID card for Handler

2 (included)

Emotional Support Dog Tag

View Tag
1 (included)

Optional add-ons

Emotional Support Dog Leash

View Leash

Emotional Support Dog Pouch

View Pouch

Emotional Support Dog Cardholder and Lanyard


Electronic Copy of Certificate and ID Card

Additional Handler Certificate & ID Card

Emotional Support Dog Collar

View Collar

Emotional Support Dog Vest

View Vest

Foldable Bowl

View Foldable Bowl
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